A passport is used to verify your country of citizenship. If you are traveling outside of your country to Canada, Europe, or Japan as an example, your passport is used to regain entry into your country of citizenship. Passports include your photo, name, birth date, gender and physical characteristics. For U.S. citizens, some countries only require a passport for re-entry.

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Destination Travel

Know Before You Go

When traveling abroad, you should know what is going on in the location you are traveling to. You should know about the culture, the weather conditions, and what level of tourist threat that destination could be. We have made it easy and simple for you to click on the government link that keeps every updated on destination travel changes.

Travel and Leisure

In order to keep your travel plans as convenient as possible, we must stay on top of what is going on in different segments of the world. You need to be in the know of pandemics on the rise, is it safe to travel in certain areas due to a rise in crime, or even be in the know of great changes happening that can be an addition to your trip. Travel and Leisure is a great resource to try to stay in the know of current travel destinations. Click the link to check out up-to-date news.

Travel Market Report

Travel Market Report is another great way to stay up-to-date on travel news reports. TMR is an online travel advisory publication that gives business travel advice, you get to see interviews from leaders of the travel industry. This information is put together by travel advisers.

Where Can You Travel Nowadays With A Passport 2020

News October 6, 2020

Are you that person that feels locked in at home or in your state and need a getaway? Todays lifestyle requires being cautious and careful of our environment. We have been made to feel, if you breathe without a mask, don’t wash and sanitize your hands you are at risk. CAUTIONS!!!! Taught to us as children and now as adults. Where did we go wrong? It has been noted that there are 7.4 million cases of Coronavirus throughout the USA. Europe, Asia, and Canada are still closed to US entry. Well, there are some countries that are opening to US residents allowing us to travel and visit sunshine and beautiful sand. Before you go towards the sunshine and sandy beaches, you are advised to check out the Travel Tips to see what are the restrictions of the location you want to visit. Below is a list with requirements but make sure you click above the ” Know Before You Go” travel link.

Albania: Does not require Covid-19 test but expect health screening

Antihua / Barbuda: Must provide negative Covid-19 test results 7 days before flight. Violations can include up to jail time

Aruba: 15 and older required to do health assessment, have Aruba specific insurance, and have a negative Covid-19 test result before travel

Bahamas: Do online health visa assessment before travel and upload a negative Covid-19 test 5 days before travel, hotel guest are required to vacation in place for 14 days

Bangladesh: Must quarantine 14 days even with a negative test, provide a medical certificate in English stating a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before travel

Barbados: Submit online a form 24hours before traveling a valid Covid-19 test 72hours before arrival, you must still quarantine for 14 days at an approved hotel or resort and you will be monitored daily for symptoms. After 5days of submitting the entry test take a second to to be released from quarantine with a negative result

Belarus: No restrictions but will have temperature checked at airport

Bermuda: Need travel authorization that cost $75 per adult and $30 for flight crew and children 9 and younger, visitors without a negative Covid-19 result will mot be given authorization to Bermuda

Brazil: Is a “Level 4 Do Not Travel” due to Covid-19 but border is open to US visitors with proof of health insurance that is valid in Brazil and covers entire stay

Cambodia: Mandatory 14 day quarantine, must provide negative Covid-19 test 72hours before arrival

Costa Rica: Is allowing US residence on a case by case basis according to the state you live in, must show negative Covd-19 test taken 48hours before travel

Dominica: Complete online immigration and customs form of Dominica and provide a negative Covid-19 test 24-72hours before arrival, there is possible further testing

Dominica Republic: No longer require a negative Covid-19 test, required to fill out a health affidavit and take a breath test,

Dubai: Visitors must have medical travel insurance to cover any Covid-19 treatments, present a negative Covid-19 test 96hours before arrival, must register Covid-19 details on their app

Ecuador: Require negative Covid-19 test 10 days before arrival to avoid quarantine, Galapagos islands require taking another Covid-19 test and present negative results 96hours before arrival

Egypt: Require negative Covid-19 test 72hours before arrival, must present paper copies digital are not accepted, children under 5 are exempt

Ethiopia: Requires 14 day quarantine, and a negative Covid-19 test no more than 120hours old

French Polynesia: Bora Bora, Tahiti requires a negative Covid -19 test within 72hours of arrival, may require additional testing must submit a sanitary entry form

Ghana: Negative Covid-19 test less than 72hours old, must take second test costing $150 and temperature screening

Grenada: Negative Covid-19 7 days before travel must quarantine for 4 days must take second test resulting negative to move about the hotel

Haiti: Quarantine 14 days and complete health form

Honduras: “Level 4 Do Not Travel” require negative Covid-19 and serology test, may require quarantine for those showing symptoms

Ireland: 14 day quarantine fill out passenger locator form

Jamaica: Provide online authorization 12 and older require a negative Covid-19 test dated less than 10 days of arrival

Kenya: Negative Covid-19 test less than 96 hours old upon arrical

The Maldives: Negative Covid-19 test taken less than 72hours upon arrival

Malta: Fill out public health declaration and passenger locator forms before arrival may require 14 day quarantine

Mexico: Temperature checks and screenings no Covid-19 test required

Montenegro: Negative Covid-19 test less than 72 hours old before arrival 5 and younger are not required testing

Morocco: Printed negative Covid-19 test less than 48hours of arrival is required, expect health screening no mandatory quarantine

Namibi: Negative Covid-19 less than 72 hours before arrival, health screenings at airport no mandatory quarantine but may be required a second test

North Macedonia: Airports require screening

Panama: Negative Covid-19 test less than 48 hours upon arrival, must take rapid Covid-19 test at airport

Rwanda: Negative Covid-19 test 120hours before arrival must take second test on arrival

Serbia: Fill out assesment provide negative Covid-19 test less than 48hours of arrival

St Barts: Negative Covid-19 test less than 72 hours upon arrival

St. Lucia: Negative Covid-19 test 7 days before arrival

St. Maarten: Covid-19 test 120hours before arrival

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Negative Covid-19 test taken 7 days before arrival

South Korea: Quarantine 14 days upon arrival may be subject to quarantine at own expense

Tanzia: Health screening form and may require a Covid-19 test

Turkey: Upon arrival be prepared to be checked

Turks Caicos: Negative Covid-19 test taken less than 5 days upon arrival, complete online questionnaire

Unite Kingdom: 14 day quarantine

Zambia: Negative Covid-19 test less than 14 days upon arrival

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